Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Pilgrimage

Ocean of love, O sympathetic sea,
To Thee do I bow in humility,
For Thine won compassion carrieth me,
To the land of my dreams, my life's safety.

O India, land of splendour divine,
Salutations flow from this heart of mine
Whil'st I enter Thy border of mosque and shrine,
And trod o'er this sacred soil of Thine.

Delhi, my Delhi, so richly inlaid
With a priceless jewel from God that strayed
To illuminate souls that have watched and prayed
aye o'er all mankind, its rays hath sprayed.

thro' scenes of wonder I roam at far, in quest,
speechless and breathless, of the world divest,
With eyes cast downward, I kneel to be blest
At the foot of the sweetest rose strewn nest.

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